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Server description Interlude GFSH Olympiad (English)

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The official start of the server - August 30 (20:00 UTC +3)

Go to server site

Server name: GFSH Olympiad

Platform: Java

Chronicle: Interlude

Server time: UTC +3


  • EXP: х1 
  • SP: x1
  • Adena: x1
  • Drop: x1

Start the game:

  • Starting level 80, all characters appear on Monster Race Track
  • In the inventory of the character you will find and the Noblesse (double-click the left mouse button on it and You become Baron)

Server currency:

  • Gold Coin - the server currency is issued for the victory at the Olympics, it is possible to buy everything from Life Stone to Epic.
  • Gold Bar - exchange currency, 25kk aden = 1 Gold Bar (command .deposit), 1 Gold Bar = 25kk aden (command .withdraw) 
  • Farm Coin - drop from monsters in the farm zones.
  • PvP Item - reward for killing the enemy.
  • Vote Coin - reward for voting in tops for our server.
  • Coin of Luck - the coin which is issued for a donation to the server.

Farm zone:

  • Catacomb of Dark Omens - drop Adena.
  • The Diciple's Necropolis - drop Farm Coin.

PVP zone:

  • Coliseum - pvp arena.

Game shop:

  • Equipment, consumables and paints are absolutely free.
  • Sharpening on armor and weapons can be purchased for aden.
  • Everything else for the server currency Gold Coin.


  • Maximum enchant a Weapon +12, Armor and Jewelry +8.
  • Chance enchant weapons: +4(70%); +5(50%);  +6 (40%);  +7(35%);  +8(30%);  +9(25%);  +10(15%);  +11(5%);  +12(3%);
  • Chance of enchant armor and jewelry: +4(65%); +5(40%);  +6 (20%); +7(5%);  +8(3%); 

Life Stone:

  • Top Grade Life Stone - the chance getting ability 15%
  • High Life Stone - the chance getting ability 10%
  • Mid Life Stone - the chance getting ability 3%
  • Life Stone - the chance getting ability 1%


The description can be edited or supplemented.

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