Анонс открытия сервера es-l2 Interlude x45
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  • Анонс открытия сервера es-l2 Interlude x45

    ХроникиХроники: Interlude  Рейты: x45  Открытие: 16-12-2017, 18:00
    Анонс открытия сервера es-l2 Interlude x45

    General Configuration
    Experience: x45
    Party Experience: +15%
    Adena Drop Rate: x110
    Starting Level: 40
    Starting Gear: Full C Grade
    Level up: There is two locations in Global Gate Keeper to level up for 40-60 level, 60-80 level.

    Enchant System
    Safe Enchant: 3
    Maximum Weapon Enchant: 20
    Maximum Armor Enchant: 10
    Weapon Enchant Chance: 1-8 (80%), 8-15(60%), 15-20(30%)
    Armor Enchant Chance: 1-6 (70%), 6-10 (40%)
    Blessed Enchant Rules: Items are going to 0 level on fail enchanting.

    Sub-class & Noblesse
    Quest only: Shortened Quest
    (Information will be implemented soon at forum)

    Buff System
    Buffs Times: 2 Hours
    NPC FULL AIO BUFFER: 30 days.
    (After 30 days of opening buffer will be change to limited mode})
    AIO Status for characters will be activated after 30 days of opening.
    Malaria, Cholera, Flu are removed from the server

    Game Shop
    Weapons: C,B,A (NO SA)
    Armors: C,B (NORMAL) ~ A,S (SEALED)
    Jewelry: C,B (NORMAL) ~ A,S (SEALED)
    Scrolls: Enchant Weapon/Armor scrolls (NORMAL)
    Soul/Spiritshots: C,B,A,S
    Crystals: D,C,B,A,S
    Accessories (ALL NECESSARY)
    Consumable (ALL NECESSARY)


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